Village Green Townhouses


Village Green is a non-smoking complex except for eight grandfathered in members. Grandfathered in members are allowed to smoke inside and right outside of their units and some share air ducts with non-smoking neighbors. Smoke is more or less noticeable in connecting units not divided by a firewall. The property manager is likely to approve attempts to remedy this, if you use a licensed contractor.

No Pets

Only service or emotional support animals are allowed at Village Green along with proper documentation.

Background Check –$22 Per Person

The head of household and spouse or co-signer must pass a background and credit check. The cost is $22 per person. Send a copy of the driver's license for the applicant(s) and co-signer, 

Membership Fee – $190

We require a refundable $190 membership fee.

Security Deposit Check – $1,000

Send $1000 dollars in a Cashier's check to the Village Green office. This deposit IS NOT  part of the purchase price and is refundable to the new member minus any money needed to repair unit, replace paperwork not turned in, or cover any missing fees at time of their own sale.

Personal Check or Money Order

Send payments in the form of a personal check or money order made out to "Village Green Townhouses."


Students send a letter of acceptance or the student verification form and are required to have a co-signer who will pay the co-op fee in case of default.

W-2 or Pay Stub

Send proof of employment in form of a W-2 or your last three payroll check stubs (for the applicant not the co-signer).

Utilities and Co-op Fee

Buyers are responsible for utilities and the monthly co-op fee as of the date listed on the Acceptance of Townehouse Agreement form found below.

Move-In Appointment

Call the Village Green office to schedule a move-in date to receive your share and keys to your townhouse. 

You may finance your unit with a personal loan from any bank or a housing loan through South Metro Federal Credit Union.

Move-In Process

Required Based on Situation

  • Application paperwork
  • Other Items
  • Copy of Driver's License and Social Security Number
  • Verification of Employment - W-2, paystubs, or form in right column

Required Documents